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      C Note Records is a new development under SoESE Management.  Established in 2014, this label supports one independent artist in AHYONZ featuring Kenya C. who has been a permanent presence on the Dallas/Fort Worth live music scene since June 2009.  Kenya C. signed in 2014 with her own label after the release of the band's first EP titled "Unknown Original".

     The label works exclusively with vested producers.  Gary Gary based out of Los Angeles, Ca, Bryan Nesbitt out of Detroit, Mi, and AHYONZ Music Director Daymond Callahan out of Fort Worth, Tx. are only a few of the talented professionals  that we have collaborated.

     C Note Records has secured a working relationship with a prominent studio in Fort Worth, Tx.  Alpha Omega Recording Studio is a local lab with an award winning engineer, Ty Maclin.  Maclin has worked with many national artists including Erykah Badu, India.Arie, as well as other independent artists. 

      The label has its eyes on working with other talent who can be developed and molded to be the  next star.