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Previous Client Roster

  • David Young               Xavier University (Cincinnati)                      Drafted by Seattle Supersonics
  • Kyle Davis                   Auburn University                                       New Jersey Nets
  • Earl Calloway              Indiana University                                       Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers
  • David Wesley              Baylor University                                         Boston Celtics, Charlotte Hornets
  • Melvin Hunt                 Baylor University                                         South America, Current Assistant Coach Dallas Mavericks 
  • AJ Ratliff                      Indiana University                                       South America
  • Clarence Matthews     Tennessee State University                         South America
  • Carlos Escalera                                                                               Puerto Rico
  • Sammie Villegas                                                                              Puerto Rico
  • Tony Scott                   Syracuse University                                     Europe
  • Ron Rutland                University of Indianapolis                            Europe
  • Kalvin Chamers           Baylor University                                         Europe

      SoESE Management has been in the industry of managing players for over 25 years.  Over the years the company has placed players in various leagues throughout the world in the NBA, Europe, South America, and Asia.

      SoESE Management staff prides itself on placing its clients in the best possible situation with teams that fit a client's style of play.   In our evaluation of our client's strengths, we negotiate salary agreements, and we also assure the intangibles for our clients with insurance, housing, and medical coverage throughout their professional career.  We look further than just the financial gain of the business of sports.

      SoESE Management has returned back to the game after a 5-year hiatus to build the entertainment portion of the business.  With our return, we will focus on Texas athletes and concentrate on Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) talent.

      SoESE Management also consults in other sports with business development, non-profit organizations, and career opportunities after sports.

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