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Tony Galbreath - TG Jaz

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Born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Tony took a deep interest in music, picked up the saxophone, and became a phenomenal musician.

At a young age, Tony moved to Dallas, Texas where he maintained playing the sax in middle school and high school.  Continuing his musical development, Tony attended North Texas State University where he received a Bachelor's of Arts in Music.

Shortly after finishing college, Tony began to teaching Music within the Texas school system.  For 20 years he instructed high school students as well as formulating bands and performance within the surrounding Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Tony's music career provided the opportunity to play with national recording artists The O'Jays.  In 2018, Tony became a part of their highly successful US tour.  He has also worked with national gospel recording artist Ben Tankard.  Tony was a part of several musical works and productions  projects with Tankard.  

Tony is a bonafide music lover.  His passion and artistic nature have led to his desire to entertain everywhere music is welcomed.  Look for Tony perform under the stage name TG Jaz.  LIVE shows scheduled for the Summer of 2022.  Stay tuned....